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Ghost bond



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Ghost Bond is a revolutionary, high performance product created by Pro Hair Labs. It is an incredible hair glue that always puts safety first while also being “the original water resistant adhesive.” Whether you are using a poly base or lace wig, Ghost Bond has different types of adhesive for different types of hair. 

  • Platinum - Ghost Bond Platinum was designed to be unnoticeable under the thinnest of poly bases while also being able to be used for lace wigs.
  • Supreme - Ghost Bond Supreme is their most expensive product and it is because this adhesive is meant for high end hair replacements. This adhesive has extremely strong holding strength with invisible hair lines while always putting your safety first.
  • XL - Ghost Bond XL is the number one adhesive in the beauty industry in its ability to have a higher melting point. Ghost Bond XL will keep you and your hair safe on humid and hot summer days.
  • Classic - Ghost Bond Classic was the original Ghost Bond adhesive that revolutionized the hair adhesive industry. It was the original water resistant adhesive.
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